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Natasha's complaint against UK Mail

Natasha Sebarenzi


My parcel is still missing

Complaint against UK Mail

A wrong parcel was delivered to my address on the 14/10/17 and I called them several times telling them it's the wrong parcel and I spoke to someone called Bill from UK mail and he said he would email the depot so that they can ask the delivery driver where the parcel (Black Bag) is . I called again several times but nothing was rectified. I have called them over 20 times and the amount of money I'm using just to call them is costing me as now my phone bill is very high. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor/Manager but they told me I can't do that but I should complain via this website. I am really very upset because the stuff that are in the parcel are very expensive and precious . I'm not sure where that bag is and I still have someone else's parcel at my house which I have told UK mail to deliver my bag and I give them their box cause it's useless for me. It's very unprofessional the way they have handled my case and no one can really answer where my bag is . I don't know what to do about this . When my sister called them (She's the one who sent that bag to me from Scotland) they told her because I'm the recipient I should be the one calling and then when I called a different time, one day some person I spoke to told me that my sister should call them. They are just taking me in circles, I cannot keep calling them again and again and it's costing me way too much. Please advise what I should do to get my parcel. The delivery driver should know where my bag is because it's the only bag I presume that was in his van, I guess the rest were boxes . I really need that bag. My contact number is 079 58 530 708. Please either contact me on my email or mobile number , I'm going crazy just not knowing what to do about this whole issue.

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