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fariba's complaint against UK Mail

fariba rasooli



Complaint against UK Mail

Hi I have ordered a Guess Bag from Guess website. The Guess company sent me the bag and I got an email and text message that my order will be delivered,on the day when I was waiting for my parcel for a whole day I have not heard anything for delivery man.Then I got a text message that driver will be delayed due to the unexpected reason.Then I did not hear from driver and my parcel was not delivered. I called next day to UK Mali and they told me that my parcel will be delivered on the day I called. I was waiting again next day and again I heard nothing neither received update or my parcel.After contacting them and staying or calls for long they told me that driver delivered my parcel and is signed by my name. I was shocked and told them this is not first time your drivers are lying for delivering my parcel, I have not received my parcel.After calling them over and over again they told me that driver is going to retrieve the parcel and will deliver to you.Again I did not hear anything form then and when I called again they told me that driver cannot remember which property he delivered my parcel to.After arguing and asking them questions they told me sorry our driver is not our permanent driver and it was from agency and we cannot get in touch with him.I told them for sure you can ask the agency who was the driver that was working on that day for UK Mail but they kept saying no we cannot find the driver and just go and claim from supplier or ask them to send you another one.This is absolutely shocking and it is not first time that they did this and saying that driver is going to retrieve the parcel etc. Their drivers are taking the parcels and sign them under customers name and reporting to Depo that parcel is been delivered and signed etc. This needs to be sorted as the company never take responsibility and we have to call and pay a lot of money for calls due to the waiting time and in the end we get no parcels neither updates what so ever. UK Mail is the worst ever courier company people have ever seen,they have been doing this to the customers no matter what or where and there are many people out there that made complains about them and some have not said anything or complained as they thought their parcel was lost or gone missing. DHL need to change to another courier and UK Mail should be closed down, I could never get the parcel and UK Mail told me on the phone you have ask supplier to send you another one or refund you. The issue is that why drivers have to take the parcels and sign under/on behalf customers and send a false report to Depo that the parcel was delivered. Some of the items I buy from Guess website are the last one left and sold out and we can never order another one as they are sold out or out of stock. I could never get/buy the item ever again due to being out of stock. It is absolutely unbelievable and disgraceful and UK Mail never took responsibility and all the time saying ask the supplier to send you another or ask for refund,like I'm stupid and don't know that I have to do this.They don't want to understand that we want to know why they giving us false information and updates and instead of delivering the parcels they taking the parcels and sign them on behalf of the customers.

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