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Phill's complaint against UK Mail

Phill Day


UK Mail - ***AVOID***

Complaint against UK Mail

I had no clue how inept UKMail were until I needed them for the delivery of a new laptop. I received a notification from the vendor to tell me the laptop was out for delivery on a certain day. I had a mail from UK Mail to tell me the time slot. It didn't come and I didn't get a calling card. I then rearranged it for a later date (a Saturday.) I asked helpdesk if I could collect it and was told 'no' - policy states not without a calling card. I had no notification it was going to arrive on Saturday so made a call to helpdesk and after 32 minutes (I wanted to exaggerate this time but I didn't need to) got another diffident sounding Coventry native telling me I now CAN collect it with ID. I asked what time the depot closes and he said an hour and 40 minutes ago(!) Still don't have the laptop, not expecting it any time soon. Many derogatory expletives come to mind.

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