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Jaspal's complaint against UPS

Jaspal Chadha



Complaint against UPS

I am a consumer I brought a camera from the dealer in the UK and I am a UK residence. I have paid VAT 20% on the item. I had developed a fault with the item and was told I contacted the manufacture direct who are called QSI and based In USA. There understood there was a fault with the item would fall under the repair warranty. Therefore I was given an RMA number to attached documents and instructions on shipping the item back to USA. Those were to complete a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form I have cleared marked the serial numbers of the item and also added Equipment being returned temporarily for repair, Made in the U.S., not advanced in value or improved in condition. HTS Number of the U.S.: 9801.00.1012 and: “No charge: Warranty Repair. Value for Customs purposes only.” Prior sending the parcel off I spoke with HM CUSTOMS and Revenue over the phone ( He asked for my details so this call can be traced back as evidence if required and I am sure notes are made ) All was needed to added a COMMIEDITE CODE from a list that best suits my item. I found a website called who offered competitive prices using all the big named courier services. I found a service that best suited my funds, I even took out insurance from the company in case of loss or damage. Once I paid for the services I was asked to complete the following paperwork by the website and asked to attached to the box ( in pouch ) Those documents were DECLATRATION CN23, DISPATCH NOTE CP71 and COMMERICAL INVOICE, Those were generated by the online template. In the Commerical INVOICE it clearly states from the drop down boxes why the item is being EXPORTED, making sense I’ve used the EXPORT REPAIR tab. Which clearly shows on the paperwork. I’ve clearly attached all the paperwork in a clear file attached to the side of the box and made several copies too. The next day Parcelforce have appeared outside my address to pick up the parcel. I track the parcel online from the tracking number the courier gave me and several days later the item has researched USA. Around two weeks later I have been informed by the company that my item is ready to be shipped back and just wanted to confirm my address before it is shipped via UPS. I could logon to my QSI account and see that the tracking number was available and also that a camera was being shipped out (note same RMA are the same and item displayed and shown total amount $0.00. I’ve tracked the item up until it went to Stanstead airport and for a day or so it was shown on hold. I’ve then had to contact UPS myself to find out what the delay was then I told to contact the UPS customs office. Finally I spoke to Selina who stated that the items needed the following documentation Is this a warranty repair/replacement if so I will need a copy of the warranty agreement along with value of goods Is this a non-warranty repair/replacement if so I will need the value of goods and the cost of repair If goods where exported by UPS, all we will need is the export tracking number plus any INF2 if applicable. If any other agent then we will need the EPU number with entry number and entry date. If possible a copy of the SAD copy3 and AWB doc along with export invoices. I then sent the all the documentation I had and contacted P4D requested the above details. There spoke with parcel force and just sent a screenshot of their procedure in sending the item. I’ve spoken to both parties countless times and it feels like I am hitting a brick wall. Obviously there is a cost on my camera which my wife saved awfully hard for to give to me as my birthday present, I can’t afford the taxes you have implied £784. And I cannot let the item go both for the amount it cost and sentimental value. Both companies are not willing to step up and take responsibility. I feel that I should look to challenge for legal proceedings under the “Supply Goods Services Act 1982” Selina keeps saying that no paperwork was attached or incorrectly exported So I asked QSI to submit any paperwork that I sent and they scanned me every single copy back. Even the lady at QSI have sent endless paperwork back to CUSTOMS however doesn’t receive a reply. The lady from QSI has been liaising with a UPS international specialist and from the email “Heard back from the UPS international specialist and from what he has found out, the UK Government states they do not have any documentation that the camera was sent back for repair. Therefore, they are ‘ignoring’ our return documents and treating the shipment as a new sale item. Funny, they were able to retrieve the $3000.00 from your commercial invoice though and apply duties and taxes on that amount.” How could Customs retrieve the value of the item therefore paperwork must have been seen! Respectfully submitted Jaspal Chadha

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