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Darren's complaint against Parcel2Go

Darren Denham


chocolate is banned item to be sent to the USA apparently !

Complaint against Parcel2Go

never had to many problems with sending items to my wife in the USA from the UK but the last two times with parcel2go i had problems. 1, size of the box was wrong and the sizes they gave me were far from the size i sent i disputed this and even had a statement of the drop in center (its my local shop so they know me) parcel2go said they let it slide. 2, sent a parcel on the 19/6/2018 on there tracking info it says attempted delivery at 11:57 uk time that would be 4:57 am Denver time they then said sorry it was the Courier to Re-attempt delivery on the 23/06/2018, today the 29/06/2018 the parcel was delivered back to my uk address with no reason. A chat online to the company they said chocolate is food and you cannot send it to the USA its on there banned list i pointed out the other times they delivered chocolate and tea before they then said its our term and service of the courier. They did not say this on there terms of service when i ordered the service and i typed everything out and nothing was reported on there web site. i was then told as it is my fault i would not get a full refund that they will be holding some back as a cancellation fee i payed through paypal and launched a complain through them. Also the state in which the parcel come back was ripped and torn open and badly crushed.

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