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[email protected]'s complaint against Parcel2Go

[email protected] Hill


Destoyed/lost our parcel and will not reimburst us for the value

Complaint against Parcel2Go

We sold a cooker hob on ebay then placed a booking with p2g to pick up the parcel from here on a saturday then deliver to our buyer. The first of the issues started when it wasnt picked up until the Monday, which was inconvenient for my work arrangements. I managed to find the chat facility on their website to check when this was going to be collected but they couldnt guarantee which i find terrible considering when we booked this we could select and pay extra for a saturday collection. Anyway after the parcel was collected we didnt think any more of it until our buyer got in touch nearly two weeks later to ask when it was going to be delivered as it habt arrived yet. It was then we logged into our account to find an update stating our parcel had been destroyed! After again spending a lot of time trying to speak to someone within p2g i found the chat facility and then found out our parcel had been damaged and then destroyed. We had no emails notifications when our account had been updated! I also find it hard to believe it had been damaged as it was all in original manufacturer packaging, polystyrene and a box. P2g said they would refund us £22 of our delivery charge (£30) as a good will gesture!! So we paid them £8 to collect and destroy something worth £160. Not the service we paid for! We had paid for protection of loss on this item and until p2g can procide us with evidence the package was damaged then to me this has been lost whilst in transit. They keep rejecting our claims for the £160 back because cooker hob is on a list of prohibited items they will deliver but again this is not consumer friendly its a get out clause for them as everything you can imagine is on this list. And if they inforced that list they wouldnt have a business. I have found it so stressful to deal with this company. Its xaused emotional and material distress. We have had to refund the £160 plus £30 delvery to the buyer and we cannot afford to be out of pocket that much especially at this time of year. I want the value of £160 back for the loss of my item and if they cannot do that I want pictures to see my damaged item or want the ‘damaged’ item delivered back to me.

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