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ignas's complaint against Parcel2Go

ignas Jaz


DJI MAVIC Taken out of the parcel.

Complaint against Parcel2Go

I've ordered a courier via P2G to collect 5 items from JohnPye auctions. Items arrived in two parcels, all was fine apart that one parcel had a film wrap damaged and the courier guys brought a navi device straight out of the van - it wasn't inside the parcel packaging. My house mate didn't knew what was supposed to be in the parcel so he signed the delivery. DJI MAVIC Drone wasn't there when I opened the parcels. I suspect the delivery guys took the drone out of the box. The parcel wasn't insured, I've sent 6 weeks by trying to sort that out via online forms with no success. I was shown a finger sort to say. After that I sent them A LETTER BEFORE SMALL CLAIMS COURT via email and paper version. They did came back to me with an offer of 20 pounds. Then I started attacking their facebook profile as this is the only place where you can get in touch with them. I got blocked. Do I have any chances to win small claims court? The parcel wasn't lost, it wasn't damaged but the item was taken out of the parcel. I see it as a theft. Parcel wasn't insured. Also I suspect this as a sneaky sister company of all the courier companies all together. You can get cheaper deals even than if you'd book them directly via courier like DHL, Fedex or any other. I tend to believe they intentionally let their workers to mess up with non insured parcels to manipulate public opinion and make everyone buy insurance every time. It sounds same like I would ask my photography clients to get an insurance to make sure that I don't brake their windows and vases with my tripod. Sounds like mafia tricks. Thanks

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