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Matthew's complaint against Parcel2Go

Matthew McCowen


Too badly damaged to receive the compensation you paid for!?

Complaint against Parcel2Go

I had a cast iron fire surround delivered through Parcel2Go. I paid for full cover of the item. The item was protectively packaged but the courier still managed to break it. I made a claim and was eventually informed, after chasing them, that the claim was rejected because the courier deemed the broken item unsafe and so disposed of it. I can't imagine what they must have done to it to get it into that state. I also can't understand why the courier damaging it so badly means that I am not entitled to the cover that I paid for. That was my item that I entrusted them with (worth £400) and they must have done something fairly catastrophic to it. I had paid for cover in case the worst happened and I am just told: "claim rejected". I would add that I have used Parcel2Go a lot over the last year and a bit, and have spent a lot of money on them. I will be taking my custom elsewhere.

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