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Elena's complaint against Parcel2Go

Elena Gallego


Very disappointed with the service

Complaint against Parcel2Go

Parcel2go was inefficient and unhelpful. I was sent a parcel which was posted ot my previous address and the parcel got lost in transit. Parceltogo never informed me that there was a problem, having to reach out to my land lady to query them in their online system (the company actually has no telephone number to talk to, essentially you are forced to "communicate" with automated chats that essentially copy and paste company policies that ultimately just mean they take no responsibility). This parcel contained sensitive information and an expensive perfume. My impression is that at some point in the process, my parcel got quarantined and the content kept by employees. When my landlady raised a claim, she was told to wait for 2 weeks, in which nothing really happened as they claimed she had "declined to cover the parcel". When she queried this further, she was asked to wait for another 2 days, and again, nothing happened. In short - they are allowed to lose parcels, waste your time and take no responsibility or action. I am extremely disappointed with the service.

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