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Mark's complaint against DPD

Mark Russell


[LAPSED] Appalling driving by a DPD van driver causing £65 worth of damage to my car

Complaint against DPD

This is the initial email that I sent DPD on 17th September- so far I have received no response: Date: 16th September. Location: Frimley Grove Gardens, Frimley, Surrey. Time: 09.15 (approx). Yesterday while on my way to work I was forced to mount the curb whilst avoiding an oncoming vehicle. One of your delivery vans was heading towards me slowly and appeared to stop a few hundred yards in front of me on the opposite side of the road. There were two cars following van a little way behind and the first car indicated to overtake the DPD van. As this car had begun to overtake the DPD Van the van suddenly pulled out (without indicating) and continued to drive along Frimley Grove Gardens towards my car. At this moment the car that was overtaking had to swerve out into the road too avoid a collision with the DPD van. I then in turn had to swerve away to the left and mount the curb in order not to crash into the oncoming car. Seconds after I had mounted the curb I realised my front left tyre had blown. This whole situation was entirely the fault of the DPD van driver as he made no attempt to indicate to warn any other road user that he was pulling out from the curb where he had stopped. I had to pay out £65 for a new front tyre through no fault of my own. I would value your thoughts on this situation. Please advise me as to my next course of action.

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Lapsed. Mark has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hi Mark, I'm really sorry to hear of the damage to your car. We really would like to get this sorted as a matter of urgency, please drop us an email to [email protected] quoting: 07329256 and we'll follow this up straight away. [Sam]
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