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Naiema's complaint against DPD

Naiema Soufi


[LAPSED] Are DPD drivers trained to lie about “missing” customers when its not true?!

Complaint against DPD

I am fuming right now! I made sure I had my package delivered today as I work till 6pm during weekdays. Paid for the delivery change and what does the DPD driver do?! He came to my front door, took a picture instead of ringing the doorbell and left saying “we missed you. Driver won’t be back today.” How can the driver have the time to take a picture of my door but not ring the actual doorbell?! Is this something that DPD driver are trained to do because this is not the first time a DPD driver has done this. I am so annoyed that I have to stay a couple of hours from work tomorrow to get my package. Being a Sunday I cannot even call DPD. I contacted the company I bought the item from and they said this is not the first complaint we have from our customers about DPD drivers lying about delivering and missing customers when they are at home. I am annoyed that the driver did not even give me a call or send a text message. I just want my package delivered and I never want to deal with DPD ever again!

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Lapsed. Naiema has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Naiema, I'm really sorry that this happened. So we can look into this for you can you please send your DPD tracking number over to '[email protected]'. Thank you. [Simon]
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