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cleo's complaint against DPD

cleo palmer


[LAPSED] bad service

Complaint against DPD

I paid for next day delivery with asos as I had a very important event to attend to the following day, leading a busy life as many of us do I put a lot of things aside as I needed my parcel urgently so I sat and waited for my parcel to arrive,I received a message to say my dpd driver would arrive between 13:13-14:13 so I was expecting for it to come at that time and then for life to resume back to normal and get everything done that I needed to do, however it didn't arrive,I put this down to maybe the driver running behind schedule so I continued to patiently wait having all the confidence my parcel would arrive, I recieved a message at 16:03 saying the driver had attempted to deliver my parcel but nobody was in.. this was complete utter lies! I had my literally wasted an entire day waiting and the frustating thing was I had so much that needed to be done and still no parcel, the first person I spoke to when I contacted dpd was sympathic and could see from my point of view of how annoyed I was that someone had lied about delievering my parcel,he tried to arrange for it to be redelievered but unfortunately this didn't happen, when I called back the second person came across like he found the matter amusing and I even felt like he was implying I was lying, very bad service I can apprecriate maybe the driver could not find my adress or was running behind but lying I do not appreciate

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Lapsed. cleo has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hey Cleo, Sorry to hear about your Asos parcel not reaching you in the time set. I know when your busy this is the last thing that you want. Cleo please can you email me ([email protected]) your parcel number with the ref number 13031044 or comment this below so we can try to help you?
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