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Ian 's complaint against DPD

Ian Moncrieff


[RESPONDED] Dreadful Service

Complaint against DPD

Was due to receive 2 separate parcels (15500120051682 and 15500906005427) this morning, one between 0930 and 1030 and other between 1030 and 1130 and been told by the two different consignees to be in and expect to receive them. No parcels received but DPD claim that we were not in and they were unable to deliver. This is not the first time we have had this excuse from DPD who have delivered to us before. We were in and our garage doors were open which would indicate we were in. More significantly, we had someone doing some work for us at our driveway entrance and he and his equipment were on the drive so that a visiting driver would have had to drive past him and stop. He confirms that no delivery vans have been near us. The DPD default position appears to be to then offer delivery to a nearby collection point, which for us means a 5 mile drive to go and pick up the parcel(s). In other words I am now doing DPD's job for them and picking up my own parcels. What I really find unacceptable is to be told untruths and have DPD assert that we were not in when we were. Reading the other reviews and complaints on this thread indicates that this is a common experience by others up and down the country. I have a suspicion that if a DPD driver is running short on his timeline that they simply take the line that someone is not in and then default as above. This is unacceptable and the customer service is also difficult to contact by phone although I managed it eventually on an 0871 number. I suggest that the only way that people expecting deliveries by DPD and being let down by them can really make their complaint felt, is to complain to the consignee using the DPD service since the DPD reputation in on the line and they have contracted with DPD and therefore are paying them to meet the delivery promise they have made with their customers. If DPD then start losing contracts then they will be pushed to up their game in delivery service, otherwise they are likely to go on as they are now. At the end of the day, with commodities becoming less price sensitive, a key differentiator in choice is logistics and customer service and no provider of goods wants to be let down by their outsourced delivery agent.

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Ian Moncrieff | | VERIFIED

My issue was resolved by higher management intervention on 20 Dec; thank you.

Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hey Ian, thanks so much for getting in touch with us. I'm really sorry that it's not because of something good. I'm looking to turn that around for you. Thanks for all your details I know we have your contact number on our system so I'll give you a bell shortly. Simon

Ian Moncrieff | | VERIFIED

Thank you Simon. My items have now been delivered in the past half hour.

Ian Moncrieff | | VERIFIED

My issue was resolved by higher management intervention on 20 Dec; thank you.

Ian Moncrieff | | VERIFIED

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