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Todd's complaint against DPD

Todd Barker


[LAPSED] Dangerous driving!

Complaint against DPD

I was driving down the A14 in suffolk on 06/01/2020 when I was overtaking a dpd van doing 65, he kept going all over the place before we passed him, knowing full well he was on his phone, as I tried to pass him he then sped up, as we approached a truck he then got behind me tailgating me with his full beams dazzling me for a good 2 minutes straight, I then pulled into the slow lane and he overtook and slammed on his brakes causing me to brake harshly, he kept swerving in and out of the lanes to cut us up, he then stuck his fingers up at me and my partner, as we have a NEW BORN baby this is VERY dangerous and could of injured someone!! I then overtook again to find him on his phone whilst driving this is terrible behaviour and I would like to hear back from them, bad reputation from them now!! REGISTRATION - YA68 GVY this occurred around 20:44, if nothing is resolved I shall be going to the police as I have video evidence (Unable to attach video and photo evidence, but can email it to whom it may concern) Thankyou.

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Lapsed. Todd has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Todd, It's extremely disappointing to hear about this kind of behaviour from one of our drivers. Can you please send the video and photos along with this review to [email protected] and we will get this addressed with the depots management. Thank you. [Simon]
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