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Annika's complaint against DPD

Annika Barkhouse


[LAPSED] Dangerous Driving of both DPD Vans and Lorries

Complaint against DPD

DPD vehicles stand out above any other on the road that I live for speeding and dangerous driving. Lorries charge up and down violently shaking the house day and especially at night. The delivery vans speed up and down daily and overtake other vehicles in dangerous manoeuvres. A LOT of families live and try to sleep at night on this section of the A34, between A50 crossroads at Kidsgrove (North of Talke) up towards Congleton. It has a 30mph limit for a reason but DPD vehicles drive at insane speeds. This is a busy road but it's the behaviour of the van and lorry drivers that are making residents life a misery, and either causing many other drivers distress/pressuring them to speed also. I'm sure a big issue is the pressure that drivers are under to hit their targets, however there is no reason to drive so wrecklessly and put lives at risk. The company need to take responsibility for their drivers and their policies that push them to speed on our roads to get the job done. If the targets were realistic then this wouldn't be such a nationwide issue, and it's very telling that both the vans and lorries clearly have the same attitude here. One day it could cause the death of a child, or it will contribute to residents moving away that have lived here for 20-30+ years. Please listen to the lives that you are affecting. Tell your drivers to slow down and think about more than the parcels that they are delivering. The lorry drivers need to realise that their heavy vehicles have a massive impact on residents even if the roads are quiet at night. We are regularly woken up in the early hours experiencing violent shaking of the house because they are flying past at near motorways speeds. Take resposibilty DPD. Please do something to address this problem. We don't want to resort to reporting individual matters to the police in order to make anything happen, and we hope that you are willing to listen and deal with this complaint.

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Lapsed. Annika has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Annika, I am extremely sorry to hear that DPD vehicles have been causing so many issues in your area. I appreciate that this was now a while ago but I have still contacted the depot to make them aware of this. If you require further assistance with this then please contact us via [email protected] Kind regards. [Simon]
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