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Debbie's complaint against DPD

Debbie Macintyre


[LAPSED] Delivered my parcel to wrong address

Complaint against DPD

Monday 25th i recived a text stateng my parcel had been signed for but I was at the address it was supposed to be delivered to so I rang them to find out what had gone wrong and they admitted they had delivered my parcel to the wrong address & admited full responsibility & said they will asked the driver to go back & collect it. Tues 26th still no parcel so I rang again I was told the driver had gone back to the address but no answer again promised they take full responsibility & the driver will be called in to give his statement. I then rang o2 to raise a claim with them Weds 27th I ring DPD again to be told they knew it had been delivered to wrong address and the sender o2 will have to put a claim in again admited it was there fault Thurs yes I ring again and they tell me a claim had been raised that day saying signature dispute when I asked why it said this instead of saying delivered to wrong address the lady said it's same thing mmmm so when you send your reasons back to o2 it looks like I'm a liar as I've told them it has been delivered to wrong address of which it was Fri I rung again to see if it had moved on from there and also ask why all week it didn't show on my DPD app of the package but suddenly appeared around 16.30 that evening on my DPD app couldn't answer it. So from admitting full responsibility and it will be delt with to me with no package still. Apparently the driver did go back the lady swears she hasn't received it but it has her signature. Why are they taking so long when they know what's happened since monday it's all due to a new system they are using well I'd scrap that if I'd lost £1000 package on 1st day of using it how many others have gone to wrong address I also emailed them Thursday and nothing back from that either

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Good Afternoon Debbie, I am really sorry to hear of the issues you have had with your delivery. Please email your parcel number to [email protected] (Amy)
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