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Joanne's complaint against DPD

Joanne Keevash


[RESPONDED] Delivery fiasco!

Complaint against DPD

I made an order in the 29th October and on the 31st October I had an email saying my package was in Birmingham and was ready for despatch. As I live in Perth I assumed it would be here on the 1st or 2nd November which was good because I had an extremely important event that I needed the package for. The event came and went and no package, I was distraught! I made numerous calls and I could see on the tracking of my parcel it had been to and from b'ham and Inverness like a ping pong ball ( the delivery truck must has literally passed Perth to get to and from!) I called and called and sent emails and DM'd the Facebook page and the twitter page (I'm not going to go into detail but the contents and what it meant are huge emotionally!) I was told that they had relabelled the package on Friday so that should stop the 'fault'. I have just checked the tracking again and it has since gone on another little b'ham-Inverness trip TWICE... since Friday and the relabelling!! I am so furious it's actually very difficult to keep calm. I have worked out hat it has been on 9 trips back and forth... oh and it's 446 miles each trip meaning my package has travelled 4014 miles pretty much in grabbing distance every trip! i am making a formal complaint and also making this public. I will not let this go uncompensated! It's disgusting

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Good Morning Joanne, I am very sorry for the issues you have had with the service. Please email your parcel number to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you (Amy)

Joanne Keevash | | VERIFIED

I will email my parcel number but I have been phoning and emailing consistently for nearly 2 weeks. I have asked for the complaints email address or telephone number so i can make a formal complaint. Please provide this.
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