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James's complaint against DPD

James Wright


[LAPSED] Disgusting Service!

Complaint against DPD

Absolutely disgusting service. We were in all day and the driver said he rang the bell, he lied on three occasions! Tues he was supposed to pick up a parcel, said he rang and nobody was here, we were here! Wednesday said he rang, we were here! Thursday he said he rang this time I heard the van and so waited by the font door, heard bleep bleep bleep as he entered info into his little scanner, he didn’t knock and he didn’t ring the bell. I then heard him getting into his van and I chased after him. I asked why he didn’t knock or ring the bell he said he did, remember I was behind the front door. I told him he was a liar and that he lied the past three days. He muttered something, probably best I didn’t make hear, at the time I was demonstrating that the doorbell works! He then said that he couldn’t take it, because if no labels, the box was in the hallway which he couldn’t see correctly and for all he knew labels were on other side. He told me to have a good day in a very sarcastic tone at which I told him to get stuffed! This was on the Thursday 15/08/2019. The parcel was to be picked up from Eastway, Nailsea, his name is Michael. The man’s a liar and and A fool!

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Lapsed. James has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello James, I am sorry to hear about the poor level of service received and I completely understand your frustration. Going forward if you ever have a situation such as this then please contact '[email protected]' along with your DPD tracking number and we will do all we can to help.Kind regards. [Simon]
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