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gustavo's complaint against DPD

gustavo pereira


[LAPSED] Don't buy any product which will be delivery by DPD idiotic service

Complaint against DPD

This is not the first time I was let down by the worst delivery company in the UK. My phone was stolen and I immediately bought a new one as I need it for work. Unfortunately the only delivery option available was DPD. I knew they're really bad as they had give me problems in the past, but I had no other choice. I was tracking my parcel and they give you a 1 hour bracket. I had to make arrangements at work to be able to be home as they required a photo id and signature, so I took half day off just to wait for DPD. Just after the expected time was over the intercom ringed and took me less than 20 seconds to answer the intercom. By that time it was too late... the stupid driver ran away without waiting. What do they expect? That I stay at the door just waiting for him to pop up? The drivers need to be thought that the basic function of a doorbell is that you ring it and WAIT for an answer! Not only he didn't but he also put in the system that the item was REFUSED (!) which prompted the item to be sent back to the seller (!). This is unacceptable and all the trouble I'm having with my work should be accounted to DPD and its incompetent system/ drivers/ whatever. If everyone wants an advice, don't you ever buy anything delivery by DPD the worst, most incompetent delivery company ever. Choose another seller who can actually do the delivery job, not rushing from doorbell to doorbell. This is a ridiculous service.

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Gustavo, I'm extremely sorry to hear about the issues you've had with the service. So we can look into this further for you can you please email the details of your issue along with your DPD parcel/tracking number to [email protected] once we receive this a member of the team will be in contact as soon as possible. Thank you. [Simon]
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