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Thomas's complaint against DPD

Thomas Forbes


[LAPSED] DPD - lied about delivery

Complaint against DPD

I have had a package sent from Manchester to me in London via DPD that was supposed to arrive on Monday, and now its Thursday, and it is now apparently going back to the sender. I won't list the full details of the what happened over the week, as it is, by the sounds of complaints here, pretty standard DPD levels of ineptitude and miscommunication. What is especially egregious though, is that they told me that they were in contact with the sender about the package being returned, and the reasons why - and when I called the sender, they knew nothing about it. The sender then called DPD, who told them that the package was on its way to them, and that I had been told it was on its way back - DPD had not told me this, they just made it up. We have all had experience of bad service from a delivery company, but I have never experienced a company lying so flagrantly to me and the person who paid for their services, as if we'd never communicate between ourselves to find out. I am really shocked at this behaviour.

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Lapsed. Thomas has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Thomas, I am incredibly sorry about the lack of clear communication regarding this. Can you please contact us via '[email protected],uk' with your DPD tracking number and we will look into this for you. Thank you. [Simon]
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