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Phil's complaint against DPD

Phil Brett


[LAPSED] DPD atrocious service

Complaint against DPD

DPD seem to be unable to answer any questions regarding what is happening to my parcel (Ref No. DPD1407628), or indeed prepared to engage with me at all! I dropped off my parcel on Friday (27/10/17) at Doddle, Liverpool St Station, expecting it to be delivered to Milton Keynes early the following week. At first it seemed to progress as expected, being picked up and confirmed at the hub the next day, and then at the depot in the early hours of Monday morning. However, I was then very concerned when I checked on Tuesday to see that it said “Parcel held (Floor HELD)” and then “Return to consignor has been requested”. I have no idea why this is, as I certainly haven’t requested to have the parcel returned, and it didn’t contain anything prohibited and was well packed. I tried ‘Live Chat’ to find out what was going on but the person was unable to tell me anything. I’ve tried Twitter but no-one will respond. According to the tracker, my parcel does not seem to be moving, and as no-one seems to be prepared to contact me, I have no idea whether it is on its way back or is simply lost. Obviously I’d rather this parcel was delivered to its destination ASAP, but if DPD won’t do this for some reason (and I want an explanation for that) I’ll want it back ASAP so that I can use another courier to get it to its destination without losing yet more time. I am very disappointed by this appalling service and won’t be using DPD again if this is their level of service. I shall of course be expecting compensation if the parcel has been lost.

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Lapsed. Phil has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Phil, I am very sorry that this has happened. As this is to be dealt with by DPD Local Online, this would have to go through them as they are a separate part of DPD. You can contact them by going here: https://www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk/help-centre [Izzy]
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