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Robert's complaint against DPD

Robert Thompson


[LAPSED] Dpd driver hits car, and has to be stopped by witness

Complaint against DPD

I went out earlier, parked my car went off, came back, to find my bumper crushed and on the floor, the actual supports for the bumper crumpled and twisted, the front driver wing dented and smashed, the opposite wing also nudged into something, the right indicator smashed, and a couple of other dented small trim panels, The driver then decided to drive off without so much as a note. Fortunately the witness working in the house behind then chased him down taking a picture of the number plate and marks where he had struck my vehicle with the van. Making him pull over and give minimal details. Thank you to that guy, but still not the best birthday I've had.

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Lapsed. Robert has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Robert, I am very sorry that the driver did not stop or leave any note. Please can you email the images and any further information you have to, [email protected] and we will ensure this is looked into for you (Amy)
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