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Mark's complaint against DPD

Mark -


[LAPSED] DPD Failure of Delivery - internal issues

Complaint against DPD

I would give zero stars if I could for the way I have been treated today! DPD were supposed to deliver to my preferred drop point but due to issues with a PDA (yes, a PDA can stop the whole of DPD and its delivery service!!!) the driver drove off with all the parcels on his truck and has been driving around the whole of Cambridgeshire with them on the back from what I can tell as I have now had a call letting me know that I can do a 40mile round trip to go pick the parcel up from the Depot in Peterborough but not until 17:30...!! This whole saga started with the PDA and has involved the Customer Experience Director and CEO - I am just stuck for words that a simple device breakdown such as a PDA has no work around plan in place - such as delivering to a different drop off point or even the driver having a pen and paper to record what has been dropped off and the customer then having to sign for their parcel....!! You couldn't write it in a novel. Must stop now as I have to drive to the depot and hope that someone there knows that I am picking the parcel up and it isn't 'out for delivery' on a round tomorrow or Monday! Thanks DPD for allowing me to use some of my fuel on your behalf - you are absolute troopers!

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Lapsed. Mark has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Mark, I am incredibly sorry that you had such a poor experience with the service last year. I sincerely hope that in the time since this delivery we have been able to provide a much higher standard of service. Should you need anything moving forward then please contact us via [email protected] with your DPD tracking number. Kind regards. [Simon]
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