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Farrukh's complaint against DPD

Farrukh Irshad


[LAPSED] DPD is a blackmailing and lying company

Complaint against DPD

Hi Ombudsman/ Citizen advice bearau, Dpd is a (unregulated) blackmailer and lying courier company. Dpd has lost my parcel and has been constantly telling 3 different people. 3 different lies, First one told that the label is not printed, second one told that its in enfield and third one one said ignore the first 2 they can't locate the parcel. THEY WILL NEVER GOING TO ACCEPT THAT THE PARCEL HAS BEEN LISTED. SINCE I WAS EMAILING THERE CEOs (Dwain mcdonald and other board members) they first threatened me to blacklist my email address because i was constantly chasing them as I was running short of time and I knew that they have lost my parcel which they never confirmed. I can't accept that not printing the label could be an excuse for not delivering because one day prior i was on 37 minutes and the lady confirmed(recd email confirmation) that your parcel will be arriving on 12th June. At 11 am after no updates i called them and then there lies and threats started. At 12.45 someone from executive threatening and blackmailing team called and asked to stop chasing them for your parcel and she will look into it and will get back to me in 30 minutes. Which again I didn't rwceive any reapone unless I started chasing the Ceo again. Ad then she told me that they couldn't locate the depot which few minutes ago their another colleague Scott confirmed that my parcel is in Enfield. They knew that I was at work because I disclosed them they made this thing up and since I couldn't speak to depot there wasn't any ways to confirm before I leave. So i started chasing them to find any updates apart from hearing that they are looking in which they have been looking last 2. 5 hrs. And at 4.30 they called me to say that my address has been black listed but the true story is they spent the whole day in "locating my parcel" and they couldn't find it. I was supposed to be handing over that parcel to some going back home my father's day present and they have messed up everything and instead of delivering the parcel they will black list your address if you will ask them. I am not sure just dpd is unregulated so they can think they can take consider customer as a joke. I am going to ombudsman and consumer advic3 beaurau to remind them they operate in Uk and not tnazania where there is dictatorship and you cannot ask for your property which you have lost/stolen and the customer has to pay for it. They don't care whether your courier is a fathers day present or for any other ocassion once they have lost it they will apply blackmailing and blacklisting techniques due to which you can't purchase from the seller again. Even if i purchased the tablet for my old man again from samsung I wouldn't be able to present him on his birthday and just becuase they know they will threat and black mail customers rather than accepting responsibility. Had they accepted my parcel is lost i could have taken action but after 4.30 I couldn't do anything. It was a simple transaction. I ordered a product Nd they were supposed to deliver and they have made an absolute mess of this simple transaction. I would urge people not to use dpd at all these guys are scammers and liars and please email there CEO mark dwain to let him know about all the malpractices and scam that they are running. Also you guys can find dispute on resolver to take action against dpd. I am also contacting newspaper publishers to make them aware of all these bad reviews (52% of 30,000) which mean 15000 customers have been victim just on Uk Trust pilot and below are other links where customers have been charged extra, delayed delivery, lost parcel, blackmailed or haven't received agreed services. On Reviews.io out 1,743 93.86% gave them bad reviews. On complaints department . co . uk they have 130 complaints where the customers were over charged, delivery delaye, parcel lost. Never ever have I witnessed this kind of delivery service from any other company in UK. Absolutely pathetic. Muhammad From: SMT Escalations Sent: 12 June 2019 16:03 To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Your order from Box Ltd Hi Muhammad, I can assure you I'm not wasting time, I'm waiting for the depot to do all necessary checks before I can update you. As previously mentioned the last scan on your parcel was at the depot yesterday, I've spoken to the operations manager who has confirmed he will let me know of his findings soon. Muhammed as there is no scan on your parcel, its impossible for me to re print a parcel label and get this delivered to you. If your parcel gets located, I will ensure to get this delivered to you without fail today. I can honestly understand the level of frustration caused and I'm truly sorry for this. I will get back yo you soon. Regards, Saira SMT Escalations DPD Group UK

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Lapsed. Farrukh has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Farrukh, DPD have procedures in place when situations like this occur and advisers attempted to initiate these processes which do take time to action. Although you were understandably upset by the situation the amount of duplicate emails received let to the team asking you to stop this so they could continue to investigate.

Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

The frequency of duplicate emails increased and as such they would not discuss the matter further with yourself. At this point you would need to discuss the situation with the sender since they are DPD's customer for a resolution. Again, I appreciate how upsetting this situation must have been however advisers need to follow the correct processes so they could assist you. [Simon]
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