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Sam's complaint against DPD

Sam Mackenzie


[RESOLVED] - DPD Missing Deliveries

Complaint against DPD

Hi, I placed an order through 5Pointz for two pairs of trainers to be delivered by DPD last week. Over a week later and I have still received neither pair, have contacted 5Pointz who have been very helpful but DPD seem to be relaying to them inconsistent info about my delivery and I cant seem to get a resolve to this. I've firstly been told one order was signed for (I work 40 mins from my home 9-5.30 so basically impossible) and the second order had no tracking details at all. This is even after they've taken my money for both pairs and confirmed they have been shipped?! The second update from DPD now said nothing about a signature but said the driver himself said he threw it over a locked gate. This is not something I had requested and never would have as we don't know the neighbourhood very well and our garden is fairly easily accessible by the surrounding gardens and also an alleyway that runs along the back of the garden. The final response from DPD so far is that the driver wishes to come down to see me, therefore I rushed home from work yesterday to not meet a DPD driver all night and be told he will come today instead. Really feel like I'm being taken a bit of an idiot here as i'm without £240 and still no trainers, I appreciate the help by 5Pointz however maybe putting it on here will help to get DPD moving a bit as this has possibly been the worst service I've ever experienced and it seems that just because i'm seen as the 'little man' here they are not taking my complaint seriously!! Look forward to hearing from you!

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DPD resolved this complaint

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Sam, I'm really sorry to hear that you've had these issues. Can you please send your tracking numbers and confirm your full delivery address to [email protected] and we will do all we can to help. Kind regards. [Simon]

Sam Mackenzie | | VERIFIED

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