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Steve's complaint against DPD

Steve Alexander


[RESPONDED] DPD protocols deliberately preventing deliveries and still charging the customer

Complaint against DPD

So my experience of as an account holder was awful of DPD - Courier company After a long investigation on my part to figure out what was happening and discussing this with the DPD IT Dept it was confirmed when standard field entries of information for the delivery address were filled out by the customer these fields were being mixed up when taken from one of dpd database to another So a contact name field would become a business name, if being delivered to an individual address the driver sometimes had issues Especially when the parcel was being sent to France or Spain or Italy where blocks of flats only have 1 number for the street address, each flat is then labelled as the persons name The driver not having the persons name was unable to deliver and state address query By the time we found out there was an issue because dpd never tell you of an issue the parcel is on its way back We were charged for the delivery and the return, when we advised where the problem was we were ignored and told to pay dpd blocked numerous parcels from being delivered and still charged and collected the money for taking a parcel on a round trip - quite literary getting the parcel to the front door and then just sending it back It has been confirmed and not sorted for some time, when I raised this issue with personal they just stated they couldn't do anything about it, you need to pay us the money owed dpd is an awful company by many of the reviews it had but one thing it does is raise revenues without actually doing the work! So if you are an account holder and getting invoices from dpd for deliveries not being made and you know the address is right then this may be the reason why

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Steve, I am sorry that you had such a poor experience as an account holder. If you experience frequent situations such as you've described then this should be raised with your account manager who should be able to investigate the matter further and provide a more in depth response. [Simon]

Steve Alexander | | VERIFIED

Account manager told me there was nothing they could do, second account manager said the same, their managers said the same, billing said the same, all in all the people working for dpd have to answer to a metric, if they dont they lose their job, if that metric doesnt allow for issues to be sorted then they are not!! DPDs own system made deliveries impossible, this is illegal in the UK!
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