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Alison's complaint against DPD

Alison Antoniou



Complaint against DPD

I was driving in the left hand lane ready to turn left and a DPD van obviously wanted to get into this lane too quickly. He never saw me and I literally had to get as far left as I could to avoid him crashing into the whole side of my car. I did an emergency stop and he still managed to damage my wing mirror. i was shaken up and just sat there for a while. the driver literally just drove off. However as i started driving again, I noticed the van parked outside of a car phone shop. I stopped behind his van and got out. He apologised and said he was wondering why he had seen me just stop the car!!!!!???? He left his details and I contacted head office. They offered me a gesture of good will, a box of chocolates !!!!!!!! This will all be on CCTV but I am not sure how to go about getting this. I have no concern about the damage to my wing mirror but I am furious as to how nobody from the company phoned to see if I was Ok. It took me myself to contact the company again after ten days. They have spoken to the driver but of course he has a different story. I realise people make mistakes on the road but the way it was dealt with after is ridiculous. Could you imagine a man being offered a box of chocolates for the incident!

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Alison, I am very sorry about this. If you can email [email protected] with all of the details and we will look into this for you. Izzy

Alison Antoniou | | VERIFIED

Thank you for reply Izzy. I have already logged everything which has happened and spoken to three people in length. You have all my details there.

Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Alison, We would need some contact details for you so we can look into this, this is why I requested all the information in one email to ourselves I am very sorry but we would be unable to bring up all the information with just your name. [Izzy]

Alison Antoniou | | VERIFIED

i will forward to you.

Alison Antoniou | | VERIFIED

Izzy. I have now sent you all details.

Alison Antoniou | | VERIFIED

absolutely of no help....just reiterating what I have been told before. without evidence on cctv there is no apology of driver driving off and that not one person from company called to see if I was ok....total lack of responsibility
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