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Anna's complaint against DPD

Anna Spittlehouse


[RESPONDED] Extremely rude driver

Complaint against DPD

At 11:01am (collection scheduled for 11am-noon) the driver sees me opening the front door after I was sorting the bins outside. I smile at him ready to pass on the parcel whereas he drives off saying:' No, is finished, book another collection' I am assuming he rang the bell when I was outside and even if I could see his van pulling up and I walked to the front door- HE DROVE OFF! Shocking behaviour- what is his problem??? Enough to say I got TNT coming this afternoon instead! Well done DPD😲

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Greg Tisi | | VERIFIED

TNT are just as rude! I had a situation today! COuldn't believe his attitude.

Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

I'm really sorry about this Anna. If you could email into [email protected] quoting ref 13255347 and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Alison
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