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Rachel's complaint against DPD

Rachel Shouler


[RESPONDED] Harassment and a Missing Parcel

Complaint against DPD

If I could give them zero stars, I would. Driver claims he delivered two parcels to me last week, despite me signing and receiving only one. Today, that same driver turns up on my door step, unannounced. Despite telling him repeatedly that I do not have "the parcel with a lot of tape" and the DPD adviser on the phone clearly stating that he only made one delivery, he would not leave my door. He asked to see boxes and even tried to enter my home. He repeatedly put his foot in the way of the door to prevent me from closing it whilst I went to fetch his precious boxes. After 20 minutes of this, he made it clear that he wouldn't leave until I had signed his form. I expected an investigation to take place but I did not expect a driver to turn up at my door and barge his way in to my home to see proof of my deliveries! So I signed if only to get him off my doorstep and prevent him from entering and searching the premises himself. Even my neighbour came out and asked if I was ok, which I am not. Not only am I shaken and upset by this utter intrusion, but I'm probably going to be left out of pocket because DPD drivers can't seem to keep track of their deliveries! This whole episode has left me reeling. I should have called the police.

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Rachel, My sincere apologies that the actions of the driver have caused you so much distress. I can see that the escalations team have been in contact with you regarding this situation and have advised how to proceed moving forward. I hope that you were able to reach a resolution to this. Kind regards. [Simon]

Rachel Shouler | | VERIFIED

Your escalations team did nothing. They didn't even offer an apology or an explanation of where my £400 worth of stuff was. Had to get the police involved.
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