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Dexter's complaint against DPD

Dexter Dog


[LAPSED] Inept company

Complaint against DPD

WHERE IS MY FOOD BREKZ I AM STARVING WAG WAG WAG I ordered my special dog food as I have allergies It was sent by dpd bad mistake brekz dpd are useless and inept to deliver my food they took it to a collection point but the lady there made a mistake and told me 4 times 4 days in a row no parcel when it was there all along then they only held my food 5 days then returned it. The brekz dose not answer my calls or emails dpd after a 15€ call says need to speak to berkz but brekz seam inept and unable to offer customer or even responses to me. I ened up starving so my daddy had to ordered it elsewhere luckly that had delivery without issues. Due to me starving my daddy had to get me some different food for a few days which made me ill and ended up having to vist the doggy dr for medication because of my allergies costing daddy a additional 100€. This has cost my daddy over 175€ to try and order me some food. We cant ever get this inept company to answer the phone or are emails. We still have no money back had to raise a case with paypal to try and get a refund. We have decided pay the extra 3€ a bag and order off zooplus they are a very helpful company and not 1 issue in over 100 orders. PLEASE AVOID BREKZ LIKE THE PLAGUE THEY INEPT AS PER OTHER PEOPLE'S REVIEWS ON HERE. FOR A DUTCH COMPANY IN A NETHERLANDS THEY DONT ACT VERY DUTCH MORE LIKE A CHINESE COMPANY OF EBAY.

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Lapsed. Dexter has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Dexter, I am extremely sorry that there has been so much trouble with this. Please get your designated human to email '[email protected]' with the DPD tracking number and we will look into this further. Thank you. [Simon]
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