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David's complaint against DPD

David Proby


[LAPSED] Left a Card but Did Not Knock on Door ?

Complaint against DPD

This Account of events is true to the best of my knowledge. The failed delivery was a package with important medication inside that I needed that morning. The Delivery type was next day delivery by 13:00. 'Signed For' , The date was 26/06/19, Time 08:55. GMT, Hull, Yorkshire. The cost was £6-99. DPD Left a card saying they would be back tomorrow? Since they were at my front door WHY Did they not KNOCK ? I live in a small bungalow on a quiet street. I can hear my front gate squeak when pushed open by visitors or delivery people from my chair in which I sit, about five feet from my front door. I can hear the letterbox ‘Click’ when junk mail drops through, or any other mail. The DPD delivery person squeaked my front gate ( I did not know this was the DPD person at this point), and I heard the letterbox Click. I looked through my front window to see a person walking towards a van. I went to my front door and could see the front gate had been left open, this is usually the fault of the junk mail people, not professional deliveries. I checked my letterbox and to my great surprise I found a DPD card saying “We’ll be back tomorrow with your parcel”. I opened my front door but the van was in the distance. I could not understand why the DPD person did not knock on the door ? I thought maybe the person was in a hurry or was paid by how many visits made rather than actual deliveries? I rang the local DPD Depot and explained the details. This was where I got very upset and angry about the response from my local Depot in Hull. Not so much the failed delivery, the words used from the lady at the local depot. She explained that “The driver knocked on my door, and would not have just left a card because the driver had to pay for petrol”. I had told her the driver did not knock. So, in effect, this lady was calling me a liar. I was referred to as “Lad” when in fact I am a grown man of 59 years old. To be clear, I am not deaf or hard of hearing. Nor, was I listening to music or TV. I was sat waiting for a delivery, five feet from my front door. The van may have used petrol, I cannot be sure. It seems unusual. I received not a word of condolence or apology about the driver’s actions. Just a defensive and offensive barrier from the local DPD Depot. They suggested the driver might try and deliver later in the day or tomorrow. I asked for a TXT alert if a delivery was to be made, I received no TXT alert after the failed delivery attempt. This may sound banal to some people but it was very important for me. The 'Dead-Pan attitude from my local DPD Depot left me feeling offended and unsure . I will not use DPD again.

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Lapsed. David has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello David, I am very sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience with the service and your contact with the depot is not what we expect. If you do decide to give DPD another chance moving forward then then please contact us via [email protected] with your DPD tracking number should you require any assistance. Kind regards. [Simon]
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