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Pupkova's complaint against DPD

Pupkova Lena


[LAPSED] Not happy at all

Complaint against DPD

Just some info: I have the DPD app on my phone, downloaded because I was waiting for this parcel like a kid. I got my delivery slot between 12-1 pm on a Sunday and was at home, as it was my day off (working in hospitality, it is a rare occasion). We live in a top floor flat (3d floor) and the entrance door downstairs is open 24 hours a day. We always leave a written message on the door when a delivery is expected, to avoid confusion. Our parcel was the 39th in the row, so once our number was reached, I decided to go downstairs. How surprised I was that while I was walking down I got a notification on my app that I wasnt there! I heard no knocking, by the way... The driver simlply made a photo of the downstairs door not including the note on the left side door we had left for him (was it done on purpose, I really dont know). No calling card left either, as it was said in the App. I was fuming. I had the option to call DPD straight from the App, which I did. Five minutes into listening to the music and a record asking me to be nice to the customer service employees despite all the emotions, I spoke to Adam, a very nice young lad, he got hold of the driver and than told me that the parcel will be redelivered the same day, but he doesnt know what time it will be. I understand all the pressure and the amount of parcels the drivers have on daily basis, what I dont understant why is our experience with DPD is so mixed. Two days ago we had no problem at all, we had a great on time delivery and the driver had no problem finding our flat or walking through the entance door. I wish people would love their jobs and care. So here am I, housebond, waiting for an indefinite time for something I might not even get today.

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Pupkova, I am very sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience. I hope that since this we have been able to provide a much higher standard of service. If you do need anything further with future deliveries however then please contact us via [email protected] with your DPD tracking number. Kind regards. [Simon]
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