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Michael's complaint against DPD

Michael Joynt


[LAPSED] Nuisance/dangerous parking

Complaint against DPD

A DPD van has started parking partly on grass, partly on the road, opposite my house. This is a busy (and too fast) road entering a village and has made it very dangerous trying to exit my driveway. I have put a note on the windscreen explaining and he moved closer to my house. Another note and he parked on the pavement right outside the house making it impossible to see traffic coming when trying to exit the drive. A third polite note and he is back opposite the house again making it dangerous still to enter and exit the drive.This is an accident waiting to happen. It won't affect the DPD driver of course - it will be someone else who gets injured or killed or has a claim on their insurance. I have pointed out that there are plenty of places to park in the village, as well as his own driveway but to no avail. We get horns blowing all evening and at night, drivers gesticulating giving us the fingers etc when we are outside as they think it is our van etc etc. Also the traffic stopping and starting all evening and night when we are used to traffic passing without stopping is a nuisance.I wish something could be done to enforce safety, common decency, and consideration for neighbours. The driver doesn't even live on this street so far as we can make out. I have the registration number btw DPD

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Lapsed. Michael has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Michael, I'm very sorry to hear this is happening. Can you please contact us at [email protected] and let us know your location as well as any other details you think may help. Thank you. [Simon]
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