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Ana's complaint against DPD

Ana C


[RESPONDED] Poor courier service

Complaint against DPD

As for me, it is sad i have to say that DPD have the poorest courier service I experience. The package i expected suppose to be delivered almost a month ago. I still do not have it. Over a month ago I was notified by the sender of the item I bought about the tracking number and delivery date. On the day of delivery DPD notified me they will come, but no one did. I was at home the whole day waiting. When I looked up on the DPD website, there was a note saying that they sent the package back to the sender . The same day it should have been delivered. Not to mention that no courier from DPD came nor there was any card left from them to rearrange delivery. Not even a text massage on mobile phone what they usually do. I spoke with the sender and he send the package again. Unfortunately with DPD . You can guess that no one came. The same scenario as the first time. This time no any kind of notice. Third time - the same story. But this time I manage to find on the internet the phone number of the DPD Southall depot . Just to add that finding a phone number to talk with the real person from DPD was mission impossible. It was 2 days ago. The customer service operator was nice and polite. She checked with me the details …name, address, etc.. Compare the notes she have and saw that the driver went to completely wrong address. Not even the same street. And apparently the driver was going there two previous times as well. Even in the system she did have the right address. She took my name, mobile phone number, street address, again, and convinced me that in two days time the driver will deliver and call me when arrive at the property. This morning I receive the text from DPD, first time , saying the drivers name and that she will come between 11.33 -12.33. Of course no one came. At 11.51 another text from DPD saying , again, that they could not deliver as no one was in. This is the fourth delivery they haven't delivered . Of course I called straight away. Another customer service operator saying the same story. No one was in when the delivery was attempted and we have put a notice through your door. As I explained that I was in , and everything that happened as I wrote above, she put me on hold and checked with the college something. When she was back, she explained that the driver was in front of my house but at the wrong door because in the system it was saying like that. Now I was completely confused. First 3 times the driver was at the wrong address. Now the wrong door. Why does this company even have customer service? I explained again the conversation with her college I had 2 days ago. Even if it was the wrong door , no one called me! It was obvious to me that there is a total disconnect between what you arrange with the customer services and what the driver actually does. Incompetent. This time they assured me that they will contact the driver and that the driver will come back as it was still early. As no one came after an hour, I called again. Another lady listened to my story. She again checked the system and had the same wrong address. As here previous college did nothing to correct it. Again I explained everything and this one assured me as well that she will get in touch with the driver and I will have my delivery today. What a joke. Third time I called they told me to be patient as the drivers work till 5:00pm and it will be here. Another hour no one came. I’m calling again. One of the previous operators even recognized my voice. She can’t believe I still do not have my package. This time she put me on hold to search the advice from her managers. After a while she come back and let me know that it was my fault that the driver had the wrong address and they can’t do anything else today. I absolutely can’t believe what I’m hearing. A month ago they had my address. For three tempted deliveries they admitted the driver went to a wrong address. Fourth time they said it is my fault. What the nerve!!! When I tried to explained to her mentioned above, she hang up on me! In the middle of conversation! I called again and another lady answered. Still in shock what just happened I explained to her for who knows how many times today my problem . No help from her at all. This time I demanded to speak with her supervisor or manager. She refused to connect me with them. But she is the only one that gave me her name. That was it. In one of todays conversations I had with various DPD employees , I manage to find the phone number of the driver. I give it a go. I called the driver, and as for English she understood, it was obvious for me that it is one simple and honest person. She said that she is back to the depot. She didn’t receive any massage or text from the company to came back to my address to deliver a package. She didn’t have my phone number to call me when she is on a property. She apologized in pore English for what happened and as she is back to Southall depo she can’t go back. Even it is still 2 and a half hour till 5:00 pm. It was clear to me that that was the only honest person I spoke from DPD. And as for the customer service workers , absolutely shocking! And as you can't speak to a Manager and no way of making a complaint, I can only strongly recommend to everyone i know not to use DPD until something is changed.

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Good Morning Ana, I am very sorry for the issues you have had with the service and our customer service team. Please email your parcel number to [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you (Amy)

Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Good Morning Ana, I am very sorry for the issues you have had with the service and our customer service team. Please email your parcel number to [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you (Amy)
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