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Farrukh's complaint against DPD

Farrukh Irshad


[LAPSED] Scammer-Lost my parcel

Complaint against DPD

3 Diff reps 3 diff lies. First said didn't print the label, second said collect from Enfied and 3rd Saira confirmed that ignore the first 2 the parcel still need to be located in the depot. So if the parcel needs to be located then how come the first 2 can locate. You guys have lost my parcel. 4hrs later the latest update is that Saira confirmed that you couldn't locate my parcel in depot and to hide from the blame they have blacklisted my address. What a proper scam in the name of delivery service. So a new update has been made that my address has been blacklisted and I wouldn't be delivering a parcel anymore. So when a customer chase for the parcel reminds DPD of there sole job which is to deliver parcel the customers email addresses get blocked. I just received a new threat from Saira that my emails will be blocked. Instead of wasting time on blocking my emails locate the parcel and deliver it. Rather then threatening the customers do your job. And I've dealt with bullying company's like you previously. I promise untill I don't get my parcel I will constantly email your leadership team. You guys think that only DPD can make customer life miserable and after all your cockups apologizing is the only solution. Well it didn't work this time. I will keep on creating new email every hour untill I don't get my parcel. Muhammad

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Lapsed. Farrukh has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Farrukh, I have responded to your other review. Kind Regards. [Simon]
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