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Suresh's complaint against DPD

Suresh Reddy


[RESPONDED] The worst service ever! Cannot understand why companies ruin their reputation by using them

Complaint against DPD

I scheduled a day off to stay at home for a delivery. As the delivery slot elapsed, we got an automatic message saying that delivery is rescheduled as nobody was there to receive the parcel!! Fortunately our building has a concierge. I went down to check with the concierge and he told me that the delivery person did not even try to enter the building when shown directions to the block and just left! I then left a note to DPD about this and also via Mamas and Papas (from whom we purchased the items) expressing our disappointment and stating very clearly that I will be home the following day to receive the parcel. Unbelievably, the same thing happened!! As our slot elapsed, we got an automatic message saying we were not present. I again checked with the concierge (who I had made aware of about a delivery) and I believe the delivery person wanted to dump the packages (mine and others) at the reception desk. When told that he can reach the tenant, he just left, without even unloading the truck!! I have lost two days. I am going to again try contacting Mamas and Papas to get the message to DPD that I if the driver can call me when he reaches here, I will physically help him unload the truck if he has an issue walking to the building. The service is disgraceful and just plain dishonest. Will definitely avoid any shopping that uses DPD as their delivery

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Suresh, I

Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Suresh, I
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