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John's complaint against DPD

John Spencer


[LAPSED] They went to wrong door

Complaint against DPD

So I got emails building me up for a delivery Thursday so I'm ready. I see a dpd van drive off and wondered if it was for me. Then I got an email saying I wasn't in? I looked up the tracker number and it said I wasn't in. There was a blurry picture of a front door. Not mine of course. So now the anxiety and stress rise as I'm thinking my item will be given to someone else and I read about how this stranger now has a delivery dpd card! After I find some where to email dpd they take down the wrong front door. But their site still lies about me that I wasn't in! So with no reply back I go through the system and choose the free Monday option, earlier options are charged for. Next day 8am ish Friday I try and contact dpd again via email. This time I get a response and they'll be coming round today, I get a notification of an hour slot around the 2pm mark. So I'm waiting by the window all Freaking out the neighbours when they get parcels and I'm out front wondering if it's dpd giving my parcel to the wrong person. After day of living on the tracker site to see if my parcel has been given to a stranger and looking out the window I email dpd that it didn't turn up. No response of course. guess they might be replying on the tracker site saying it was out for delivery. At about 9pm I send another email about the no show. Again no response. But under where it says today (Friday) it now says delivery is estimated for Monday like what I asked for! So it feels like dpd messed me about for 2 days. The second day on purpose. Will I get the parcel Monday? I don't know, it's Friday now.

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Lapsed. John has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hi there John, I'm really sorry to see this :( Could you email [email protected] with your parcel number so we can look into this for you? Thanks, Nathan
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