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Larissa's complaint against DPD

Larissa Dixon


[RESPONDED] Unprofessional and will give you heartache

Complaint against DPD

Recently, I ordered an item to be delivered on Monday 28th and had it set to be delivered at a particular location. These people have been giving me nothing but lies and ridiculous customer service. Let me take you step by step, each horrible day it has been from then til now, 5th Feb. Day 1 (28th Jan): Checked my tracking information and see that the package was "Attempted". Calling card 1 nowhere to be found. Claims no one was there. Was not true as a relative of mine, who was fully aware of it coming was there and did not see anyone. Day 2 (29th): Another attempted delivery, claiming no one was home. Calling card 2 nowhere to be found. Once again, not true as the said relative was home all day and no one showed up. Day 3 (30th): Contacted DPD to find out whats going on as the claimed Calling cards was not even there. Come to find out, the delivery driver was attempting to deliver it at a wrong address. How that even happened still boggles me as the two streets (300 ft apart) bare two distinctly different names..... Rearranged the time. Day 4 (1st): Another claim to have delivered, new calling card. Relative was once again at home. Picture taken of front door and thats about it. So I contact the facebook group (do not recommend as they take forever to even reply) to voice my complaint, filed a complaint on their website. Contacted the retailer to see if they could help me. Requested for the parcel to be delivered the next day. Here's the messed up part, during the conversation we had, they said that they would contact us to let us know when the driver is on his way. No calls from them at all and when we called them back to ask what happened, they state that they are unable to do that. Why tell us in the first place that you can do so, then not do so?! Day 5 (2nd): Another attempted delivery. Fair to say I am fed up at this point. Contact them via phone, trembling in pure rage at this point and was told that they can hold it at the faculty and my brother could pick it up. I CLEARLY asked if they needed my id as it was in my name. Said no and that his would suffice. Day 6 (5th - had to wait over the weekend to collect and Monday I could not go there): Drove over 2 hours to collect the parcel, only to be told that they needed MY id (I wasnt there at this point, my relative was going to get it on his birthday) and now its rescheduled to be delivered tomorrow. You cant tell me that that is not messed up. I wish I could send screenshots of the tracking information of the entire drama, but Im not sure if I should show that information on here.

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Larissa, I am very sorry to read your review and find that your customer service experience was not at the level we would usually expect. I understand that this was now a while ago however if you do need assistance moving forward then please contact us via [email protected] with your tracking number. Kind regards. [Simon]

Larissa Dixon | | VERIFIED

Wow, timely response. 9 months after the incident.....

Larissa Dixon | | VERIFIED

This is the tracking number, however, there is no longer any information on it: 0414327962

Larissa Dixon | | VERIFIED

This is the tracking number, however, there is no longer any information on it: 0414327962
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