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Steven's complaint against DPD

Steven Parker


[LAPSED] Unsatisfactory handling of "Next Day" delivery

Complaint against DPD

I have just received an email back from DPD saying that my so called "Next Day" delivery that was scheduled for Friday 20th April will now not be delivered until Monday 23rd April. When i sent the complaint in I stated quite clearly that I am a disabled gentleman and since the delivery was that of a new Double Mattress that i had arranged for friends to come and take away the old one that morning (Friday) This was done as according to the tracking information supplied that my mattress was going to be delivered before 8pm on Friday. When the mattress had not arrived i contacted Amazon who attempted to contact DPD, without being able to get through they told me that the Mattress should now be delivered the following day (Saturday NOT Monday) I tried to contact DPD myself and couldn't get through on the telephone so i resorted to the complaints submission via their website. A couple of hours later i checked the emais again to find out I'm being told by DPD that the mattress arrived in the Portlethen Depot in the afternoon and missed the MORNING deliveries. According to tracking it did arrive in the afternoon but at 12:30 so it should not have missed afternoon deliveries (my thinking) especially since it would have been marked under NEXT DAY delivery. And that they will not be able to deliver my mattress until Monday now. This is honestly unacceptable and even though having to sleep on the sofa for one night will cause me no small amount of physical pain due to the nature of my disabilities ( which they were made aware of in the complaint submission) I have accepted that pain, but to be checking my messages/emails because i happen to be in too much pain from this sofa to sleep and find a message saying i will now have to wait until Monday for a delivery is Unacceptable. DPD made the mistake and should rectify it as soon as possible and not cause someone to be in physical pain for an entire weekend and quite possibly several days afterwards to let the bones and muscles settle down. They should not be telling someone in an email that we are sorry but cannot now delivery until Monday with no explanation as to why the NEXT DAY delivery isn't being rectified the following day but after the weekend has been and gone.

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Lapsed. Steven has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hi Steven, I am so sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced with your recent delivery. Please send us an email to [email protected] with your parcel number and we will be more than happy to help. [Chris B]
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