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Mara's complaint against DPD

Mara Ioana


[LAPSED] Very poor service

Complaint against DPD

The only thing they deliver is excuses. Plus if you’re lucky enough to have your parcel delivered on time, it will arrive like it’s been run over by a train. Also, good luck getting in contact with them. They do not take responsibility for anything. Our parcel was picked up by DPD 7 days after we dropped it off and one day before it was supposed to arrive in the US from the UK. It goes without saying that our customer will receive his parcel (which is a gift) days after it was supposed to. We also had a very bad experience when our parcel got lost, however it arrived on time for our customer. The state in which it arrived however was awful and DPD responded by saying that there is no evidence that the parcel has been deteriorated by them.

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Lapsed. Mara has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Mara, My sincere apologies that your customer received the parcel in an unacceptable condition. I appreciate that this was now a while ago but if you still require assistance with this or another parcel then please contact us via [email protected] with your DPD tracking number. Kind regards. [Simon]
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