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[User Deleted]'s complaint against DPD

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[LAPSED] Worst customer care I've dealt with

Complaint against DPD

I ordered a parcel from ASOS with next day delivery. Unfortunately, hey chose to use dpd (have never had a parcel successfully delivered with them). Got a text requesting I book a time slot for Sunday (1st October) so I did (only 3-4 available any ways). I made sure I was home and then stayed home waiting - at around 6 I called in (waited around 25 mins on hold) to check where my parcel was and was told dpd never had it to begin with. I asked why I was still asked to book a slot and not told this before, was told that it's an automated service and nothing can be down about it. Fair enough. I'll get it tomorrow. Monday morning (2nd) and I get a text saying the driver will be at mine from 4:21pm to 5:21pm. I leave work early to be home for this time. The parcel never arrives. I call in and, again, wait 20 mins on the line to speak to an agent. It takes a while but finally he notices that the depot in my area has had issues with their van (or something of the sort). Again, no text to mention this to a customer and few hours wasted waiting at home. It's ok though, I brought work back because remember, I took it home with me to be back in time for this parcel. I asked for a specific delivery time slot for the next day, as 2x no attempts at delivery had me frustrated. Was told yes at first, then a 'team lead' said no. I asked to speak to this team lead, was told yes and then transferred to someone who hung up on me. Rude. I called back, waited the 20 minutes and spoke to a lovely woman called Sara who booked the 630 time slot for me. Excellent. But it was never going to be that easy. Tuesday afternoon, I check my phone at work (I have to put it away from 9-2) to find that my parcel will be delivered around 3. I call in and ask for the agent to read the notes on my account, I've filed a complaint and was assured this was dealt with. I'm told the dpd 'systems' are down and I cannot be helped, also the same system failure has meant my parcel will not be delivered any ways. I try to ask when it will, I am hung up on again because there is no way for them to know. My husband is over this. He calls in to find out what's going on, is told that if delivery fails we can pick it up at he depot (we can't though due to their working hours). I then get a text saying 'thanks for agreeing to pick up your parcel at the irlam depot'. When did I do that? No delivery was even attempted on Tuesday. I phone ASOS to complain and they are under the impression that delivery had been attempted 2x but I have not been home. No calling card, text or email has said this to me AND the only day I was not home was Tuesday. A scam of a company, I am certain they don't attempt delivery with the knowledge that someone will eventually have to come and pick it up from them. No parcel is worth this stress - ASOS can keep their bloody shoes.

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

I am so sorry about this! Could you please email us at [email protected] with your parcel number so we can get this looked into. Thanks (Annie)
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