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Lola's complaint against DPD

Lola Vera


[RESPONDED] Worst customer service ever

Complaint against DPD

Last Saturday 9th of March I was suppossed to have a delivery from Amazon but as I was not gonna be in, I changed the address and the delivery day to Monday 11th. So far all good. On Monday 11th I received a message saying that my driver was 30min away. When I checked minutes later I had another notification saying that my parcel was signed by “Thompson” and went to my reception but the parcel wasn’t there. In my office there is no one called Thompson and I also checked in the Reception of the other company next to mine. I called DPD and I spoke with Alex, very nice Advisor, he told me that the parcel might be delivered to the wrong building as I gave him the description of the building where I work and he told me to go to the building in front of mine and I went and checked there too but the parcel wasnt there either and then he told he was going to call me back and he never did so 2 hours later I called back again and spoke to someone else because Alex was busy. These 2 Advisors tried to call the driver called Boyd and gave him my number to call me to tell me where he left my parcel. He never call me back and later on in the evening I spoke with another advisor and her attitude it was like she did not care much about my problem and she just wanted to get ride of me on the phone telling me that the driver was going to call me back. She told me she was gonna open an investigation regarding my delivery and I also did a complaint over the phone with her. That was on Monday 11th and today Thursday 14th I’m still waiting for a call from the driver or a call from someone from DPD. This is a really rubbish service with no customers service at all and lack of professionalism. This is not the first time I have had problems with you. If you see another order I had with you last December Monday 24th, order number XxxxxxxThis order was missing and it was the same problem signed by someone who nobody knows in the office called “Tommy” Another order that I had the 28th of December. Parcel from Superdry, order number xxxxx the situation was kind of “Joke”. I was literally outside of the building where I work when I saw on the map that the driver was downstairs and I saw the van and I told him that I was waiting for a parcel from Amazon and he just checked the van and gave me the parcel from Superdry (easily to see as they are orange parcels) the driver never asked me for names or any ID or parcel number and he never asked me for my signature. 2minutes later I got a notification saying that my parcel was delivered and signed by Tommy and then I understood what the problem was. Drivers sign themselves the deliveries!!! What kind of service is that? No serious and not professional. This is bullshit! I have complained to Amazon too about DPD and refused to have anymore deliveries from you to avoid more issues with you. Saying that, let’s see how you “make it right”

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Lola, I am incredibly sorry to hear this. Can you please send your DPD tracking number over to [email protected] along with this review for context and a member of the team will look into this for you. I hope that we are able to assist and take appropriate action. Kind regards. [Simon]

Ropey John | | VERIFIED

dpd are useless .
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