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Stanimir's complaint against DPD

Stanimir Stefanov


[LAPSED] Worst delivery experience in my life and everybody's life

Complaint against DPD

DPD had my parcel but were not delivering it to me for two weeks and every time I checked in the website what is going on and every time I either call or email them, everything I got were promises of delivery on the next day. However, 5 lies (yes, 5) later my parcel was still not here, I wasted 4 full days to stay at home waiting for my parcel as promised by DPD. In the end they admitted they cannot find my parcel despite the updates show where it was the previous day and since they haven't tried to deliver it, it still should be there, but nevermind. So, after 8 days of waiting for my parcel they were then "searching for it", which takes "from 3-5 working days", so the only thing I could do, after calling and emailing them for that long, is to just forget about my parcel and prey that I am going to receive it this year at least. In the end, after contacting them by email and phone every day for 9 consequent days, DPD finally admitted that they damaged my parcel and apologised for that and said my only options now were to collect it myself from their depot or send it back to the sender, because "they can't deliver damaged parcels". They were about to deliver it to me earlier, which means my parcel was not damaged at that time and now it was. I went to pick it up myself to find my parcel in the worst condition possible. There was a HUGE hole on the bottom of my parcel, from where items were falling off as they were bringing it to me on a trolley. The hole was that big you could literally put both of your hands in at the same time. The original packaging was all damaged - tape was cut, the 2 plastic strips as well. They have tried to reseal the parcel with their own tape. Check my photo here so you see how I found my parcel. People, our parcels are handled in the worst way possible. I was even advised not to use DPD anymore by one of the DPD staff, which made me even more confused. I emailed them again for explanation and compensation for the distress, inconvenience, damaged parcel and almost all items inside, waste of my time and money, but my emails have been ignored - no ethics or customer rights matter for DPD, I have nothing more to say.

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Lapsed. Stanimir has not responded in 90 days

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Stanimir, I cannot apologise enough for the stress this delivery has caused you. So we can look into this further for you can you please email your DPD parcel number along with the photo you have mentioned in your review to [email protected] and a member of the team will be in contact as soon as possible. [Simon]
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