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Maria's complaint against DPD

Maria Gonzalez-Calvo de Miguel



Complaint against DPD

I had a parcel delivered with this company weeks ago. The driver said nobody was home, which was a lie cause I was at home the entire day. When I complained about it and they sent him again the next day, the driver entered my house being rude saying that he was not lying that nobody was in the house etc... unbelievable. Now today another driver was due to deliver a parcel to my house. The parcel never arrived and after several calls I found out the driver went to a different address, gave the parcel to a different recipient, who refuse the parcel. obviously. On the second call today to DPD, they said they would reach the driver and have him deliver my parcel today. Soon after I received an email stating "as requested, your parcel has been rescheduled for tomorrow"...as requested? Not only I did not request such thing, I even told them that tomorrow nobody can be in the house. This people do not understand that we skip work, we are on a non-paid day just to receive a parcel...to end up having people driving to wrong addresses cause they simply do not pay any attention nor they care about being professional. It's outrageous! DPD sent me an email saying that unfortunately they cannot reach out the driver cause he does not pick up and that's why they will have to reschedule to tomorrow. EXCUSE ME, BUT NO. It is your responsibility to reach out your drivers, more so when they make huge mistakes like delivering a parcel to the wrong address and recipient. This is just not acceptable...

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Andy Webb | | VERIFIED

Hello Maria, I am very sorry to read about your poor experience with the service. I appreciate that this was now a while ago but if you still require assistance with this or another parcel then please contact us via [email protected] with your DPD tracking number. Kind regards. [Simon]
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