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Alex's complaint against TNT

Alex Morris


Extremely aggressive driver

Complaint against TNT

On the 09/12/16 I overtook a TNT driver on a duel-carriage way, (perfectly legal) he then proceeded to tailgate my car whilst flashing his lights, honking his horn and indicating to signify for me to pull over, all whilst travelling at around 75 mph! Feeling quite intimidated I carried on, hoping he would eventually stop. further down the road we came to a set of traffic lights which is when even more aggression occurred. He hurled himself out of his truck, stormed over to my car and repeatedly banged on my driver window and roof whilst swearing repeatedly. He also even attempted to open my door! Unfortunately, my girlfriend was also in the car during this unjustified outbreak, which has obviously left her very distraught. This is appalling behaviour for someone who is representing such an established company as yourselves. I have reported this driver to the police and I will be in contact after I further inspect my vehicle for any damage. Here is your drivers reg number: FN59MWV

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