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Les's complaint against TNT

Les H


TNT Express, aggresive driving

Complaint against TNT

I had a 'TNT express' HGV lorry come up behind me this evening, the driver put his headlights on full beam behind me and held his hand on the horn just because I wasn't going fast enough (I was doing 55mph on a dual carriageway) There was no need for these actions, because the road was quite clear and the driver was able to overtake (which he did, then cut in front of me). It happened at 5.48pm on 10th November, between Abergavenny and Raglan. I think the registration number of the lorry was DE61 YVO I understand there is no minimum speed limit on a dual carriageway, and I do not believe 55mph was too slow anyway. Shortly after this, I came up behind a smaller lorry travelling along at 50mph, so I was not the only person driving at this speed. It was already dark, and the road was wet.

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