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Jane's complaint against APC Overnight

Jane massey


[LAPSED] Courier incredilbly rude and unhelpful!

Complaint against APC Overnight

I am the Lodge Manager for a Retirement Complex. The courier rang the reception call bell and I was at the door within 1 minute. Before I could even get there he started aggressively banging on the door. I opened the doors and asked him to be patient. His response was 'well some of us are getting wet out here'. Where he was waiting (for less than a minute) was undercover. We often get parcels for neighbouring retirement places so I said to him we weren't expecting anything and did he know what the parcel was. He was even ruder saying he didn't know and he's only the courier, its not his problem!! He was extremely rude and had it been one of my residents he spoke to like that they would have been very upset. His behaviour was totally unacceptable. I do not want him delivering here again. I will not deal with him. I asked for his name and he would only tell me Michael, he refused to give me his surname. I have had 1200's of deliveries here and I have never met anyone so unhelpful and rude.

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Lapsed. Jane has not responded in 90 days

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Leanne Platek | | VERIFIED

Hello Jane we are sorry to hear the driver was rude on this occasion. We expect all drivers to behave in a professional manner. We would like to investigate your review would you please contact our team at [email protected] Thank you Leanne Customer Relations
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