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Collin's complaint against APC Overnight

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Disgraceful attitude of APCs so called customer service

Complaint against APC Overnight

I had an issue with a parcel delivery as the driver had clearly lied about trying to deliver when he had not as I was at home. When I called APC I was put through to the local depot covering the G41 area. The woman I spoke with at 2.57pm was rude, antagonistic, and all but called me a liar. When I tried to explain that I had been at home I was ignored as she spoke over the top of me and called me "very opinionated", she then put me on hold to contact the driver. She told me the parcel had been delivered to the flat above and handed to a man. This would be impossible I told her as the flat above is currently empty. She continued and I quote " well it must be the flat opposite then", I asked which one was it or didn't the driver know? By this time I had had enough of her disgraceful attitude and asked her for her name. At this point she hung up on me. In my opinion she knew she was out of order and my requesting her name was in order to complain about her hence the reason she hung up. I am absolutely appalled at her attitude and as a result will never use APC overnight ever again and will make a point of ensuring that no one else I know ever does either. Terrible service all round. I would imagine the company would be outraged to learn they have some appalling employees who do not deserve to be in their positions.

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