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Terry's complaint against APC Overnight

Terry Boldick


[LAPSED] Fight among your employees results in damage to my car for which I want APC to pay

Complaint against APC Overnight

On 13th September 2017, I went to your Harlow Depot to collect a parcel for which I had received a missed delivery card. On arrival in your car park, there was an argument ensuing between one of your female employees and a man who I assume was her partner. I ignored this, parked my car and rang the doorbell to collect my parcel. The male employee that answered the door, noticed that the argument had got very noisy and there was a tussle between your female employee and the other person. He went over in an attempt to calm the situation, which quickly escalated on his involvement. This ended up with your male employee attempting to restrain the person against the side of my car by slamming him against the rear off side door resulting in damage to the door and top of the car. The altercation between your male employee and the third party deteriorated further into a fight along the side of my car resulting in further damage to the front off side door. The pair ended up rolling on the floor. I called the police at this point as both had taken a hammering and my car (2016 registration) was damaged. I would like APC to pay for the repair of my car as this was due to action by your employee(s). I have attached photos of the individuals involved and the damage to my car. The quote I have for this is £566.40. 

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Lapsed. Terry has not responded in 90 days

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Leanne Platek | | VERIFIED

Hello Terry further to your complaint we can confirm this has now been addressed thank you Leanne
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