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Daniele's complaint against APC Overnight

Daniele Iannarelli


Rubbish! Stuck in courier stone-age!!!

Complaint against APC Overnight

While other courier companies have the consideration and courtesy these days to REALISE that people can't be expected to STAY IN ALL DAY for one parcel and so they often send a text - for example - with a one-hour delivery slot, THIS company prefers to inconvenience the customer by making them wait in all day with NO indication of when the parcel will arrive!!! As it stands, I decided to stay in on this particular day to wait for my parcel which I specifically wanted to receive that day! An urgent errand turned up and I had to go out for - maximum! - 20mins. I decided to put a note on my door to ask the courier (should he appear) to place the parcel behind my - open - patio gate. I got back to discover that - yes - the courier arrived in the short period I was out! NOT ONLY did he decide NOT TO LEAVE my parcel as instructed, but he LEFT MY FRONT GATE WIDE OPEN!!! It's a heavy wooden gate. If the wind catches it, there's a risk that the hinges could be damaged! These people should be sent to college to learn: i. Common sense ii. How to successfully and courteously SHUT FRONT GATES! It takes LITTLE EFFORT to ensure a gate is closed and latched properly! I had to put in a complaint with the vendor of the items I'd purchased. Unlikely that in future I'll buy from the same company if they use THIS courier again!

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